In our store clear and quick damage assessment takes place directly related to our impeccable communication with the current assessor of the insurance company, due to our long lasting recognition for many years, in the field of car repairing.

Our technological and mechanical knowledge and the high standard of the services we provide enable a three-year guarantee in the outcomes of repainting, as well as a many-year guarantee and authenticity regarding the re-painting, re-welding and applications of the metal parts of the car.

Satisfying the strictest demands of European Union guidelines and having developed our environmental friendly conscience, with respect to the environment, green materials are used (non-toxic) and up-to-date, high quality, water-dissolving colours.

Furthermore, there is the ability of immediate finding and use of any spare parts needed for the repairing of the car, in high quality or even second hand parts always according to the consumer’s choice and our expert consultation, responsibility for its proper function.

In addition, as active members of the Car Bodies Repairers Association and under the auspices and supervision of ΕΟΒΕΑΜΜ(United Federation of Tradesmen Repairers of Cars Machines Motorcycles) we prove to you our efficiency. This fact guards you against any dangerous repairing and guarantees fast and responsible work. The provision of our services is completed with any kind of work regarding counter corrosion protection, plasticization of running gear, colour protection and polish, repairing and plastic parts polishing etc.

Our cooperation with experienced technicians concerning the function of the car (mechanics, electricians, upholsterers, cooling etc) in the surrounding space solves problems of vital importance for the customer.